What is ‘Executive Branding’ and why is it important?

Despite the impact that technology has had on our daily lives, the reality is that the old adage still applies and ‘people buy from people’. But what does this actually mean? It means that when people look into a company, they want to know that the people making that product or delivering that service know what they’re doing.

I am a staunch believer that the personality of a business will closely reflect that of its leader. You need to look no further than Virgin to see evidence of this on a big scale – the company exudes fun, innovation and daring, three traits that have often been used to describe a certain Mr Branson over the years.

One tactic we use to open an organisation up to the outside world is to build the profile of key individuals within the business, an activity known as ‘Executive Branding.’ This essentially means putting the personality, beliefs, opinions and expertise of key personnel in the spotlight, which in turn illustrates what the company is likely to stand for and what they might be like to work for and with.

On a low level, this could simply mean adding a ‘meet the team’ page to your website to allow visitors to understand the structure and make up of the organisation and who your team are as individuals. This also helps to humanise your company, which is particularly useful on a website as they can easily feel cold and inhuman. It breaks down a key barrier to sale if visitors can feel as though they are engaging with real people.

On a more advanced level, we would work with executives and senior management teams to develop and implement effective Thought Leadership strategies. We would then put these strategies into action by harnessing the power of company blogs, speaking opportunities, traditional and social media to position that person as an expert in their field and a reliable and trusted source for an informed opinion.