Why good PR is missing from the EU debate

It’s now just a matter of days before we take to the polls to vote on whether to remain in Europe or leave.

As campaigns go this has been quite an interesting one and generally people seem far more engaged in this process than they were during the general election. One thing’s for sure – we do seem to care what the outcome is and it’s a good job really because this is a huge decision.

Whether you’re in or out or still on the fence it seems the majority have been asking the same questions over and over – give us the facts and not the rhetoric. We’re tired of the political spin and the scaremongering.

One thing that is quite unbelievable in all of this is that so many of us don’t actually know how the EU has benefitted us over the years. Yes, we know about the protection for workers rights and we know about the European Courts – we even know about the restrictions on curved bananas but do we really know how the EU has benefitted our local communities? If you read this article then you can see that EU funding has had a huge impact on our local towns and cities. Really one thing springs to mind when considering all of this; who has been taking care of the PR for the EU?

The EUs profile in the UK is low and most of us don’t even know who our MEP is. So it’s no wonder then that when we’re being asked if we want to stay in the EU most of us don’t know truly what it means for us.  Those who look after our interests in the EU haven’t been telling us the benefits over the last few years and as a result we don’t generally know enough.

This is actually a good reminder for most organisations and businesses – don’t assume your stakeholders will know what you are doing if you don’t tell them. Build your profile in the good times in case you need an engaged audience during the difficult times.

Building your brand and your reputation is essential for business growth. Only then will your audience remain engaged and support you when you need them most. In my opinion this is why PR and profile raising matters otherwise we’re all just guessing what you do and how it benefits us – just like many of us are with the EU right now.