Facebook – making your content count

Did you know that as a society our love of ‘all things social media’ continues to grow? It’s hard to keep up with the emerging trends, changing algorithms and latest buzz words

Despite the continual changes, there is one social media stalwart which is holding its own - Facebook. In March this year there were 1.09 billion DAILY active users on Facebook and even though its HQ is in California, approximately 84.2% of daily users are outside the US and Canada.

When I first created my Facebook profile back in 2005 I thought it would be another digital fad like Friends Reunited or Myspace – it wasn’t. One thing that has changed over recent years is that more and more businesses have realised that Facebook offers its customers and prospective customers a great platform to view updates and latest news. Facebook is fun and light and we love it.

But how do you make your business updates stand out and feature in news feeds when you’re competing with so many others in a very crowded space?


1. Make your content engaging

Nobody likes dull posts – not even the Facebook algorithms (that clever behind the scenes stuff which works out what you get to see in your Facebook feed and what you don’t). Make your content stand out – use images and video so that your audience engages with you.


2. Leave the corporate content in the boardroom

This links back to point one but Facebook isn’t the place for quarterly reports and Key Performance Indicators……. keep it light


3. Show your customers behind the scenes

Look after your loyal customers – Facebook offers a great platform to show some of the back room stuff and helps to keep customers engaged. Share some team photos and charity fundraisers as well.


4. Don’t keep posting updates

Firstly, your audience will get very bored if you publish lots of content – unless it’s really incredible and content rich. Secondly, Facebook will penalise you for it.  It knows what your followers like and it will likely guess that they don’t want to be bombarded. Post your updates wisely and make them count.


5. Have a plan and monitor your insights

 Here comes the formal bit…

The really successful businesses have a content marketing plan as part of their social media strategy. They map out their content and link it to the business’ aims and objectives. They also keep a close eye on the Facebook reports; otherwise if you don’t look at the data how do you know what people are reading and what’s having an impact? With a little structure, some great content and regular monitoring, Facebook can still act as a great marketing platform for your business.