What? You’re not based in London? How does that work?

Gillian and I chose to set up GD PR & Media in Worcester five years ago, but our intention was never to be solely a ‘local agency for local clients’ (think League of Gentleman circa 1999)

From that time to now, we have specialised in key sectors that we are knowledgeable, passionate and skilled in including Health, Social Care, Property, Construction, Social Housing, Leisure & Tourism and Education.

We were keen to create jobs and contribute to the local economy and have always felt that in this day and age, geography doesn’t need to be a boundary to expertise and relationships. Indeed, many organisations working in our specialist sectors operate across the UK and as such, our central base in Worcester is an advantage in that it allows us easy access to the whole country (including London) enabling us to maintain easy and close contact with our clients. As such, we have been privileged to work with some high profile national clients and look forward to building on this client base going forward.

Our location is also highly advantageous for our Video Production department as very few journeys to filming locations are more than two hours (again, including London) which often enables us to keep our production costs down and reduce the overnight accommodation and sustenance costs that can quickly push project costs up.

All of that being said, I still feel that many organisations with London-based head offices could be missing a trick in not looking further afield when considering which agencies could best fulfil their requirements and deliver on their briefs.

I feel I should make it clear at this point that I am in no way anti-London. I love London, we have clients and partners there already and I relish any opportunity I get to spend time in the city for work or play! It is merely that I am a staunch believer that with marketing and PR budgets being forever squeezed, there are huge opportunities for brands to look beyond the M25 when seeking maximum bang for their buck.

For many years there was a belief that London-based companies had better relationships with national journalists and in the 1980s that may well have been the case, but with so many more journalists working flexibly and an ever-increasing emphasis on digital communications, this is no longer realistic. We foster excellent relationships with local, national and trade press journalists based on trust and good quality content and have never found our location to be a barrier to these relationships.

It is however a fact of life that London-based PR and Video Production companies need to charge high rates to maintain their existence in the capital. For that reason, it is worth thinking carefully about where you're spending your money and why, because you could see your budget go up to three times further, for the same quality of work, just by looking beyond the capital – we're certainly open for business to London companies and just think what you could do with all that extra budget!