Our six steps to social video content success

Tip #1

Shoot plenty of footage. We would always recommend capturing more than you are likely to need, as not everything will be usable and you will also have some footage that you may be able to use for future content.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 14.25.18.png

Tip #2

Make sure it fits with your brand – don’t use a style of video just because it is on trend at that particular moment, it still needs to link with your brand and values.

Tip #3

Keep it snappy – videos that are less than two minutes in length tend to get the most engagement across social media, anything longer and engagement falls significantly.

Tip #4

Make it engaging. This may seem obvious, but you want your video content to grab people and make them want to take the time to watch and engage positively with your brand.

Tip #5

If you’re creating the content specifically for social media, make sure as many of your key messages are conveyed in the first ten seconds as possible, because viewers may not watch the whole video.

Tip #6

This can obviously be difficult, but try not to rely on sound through all of your video content. People often watch videos in situations where they can’t / don’t want to play sound, so consider subtitles or text graphics to make it a luxury rather than a necessity.


Of course, our friendly video production team can help you with all of this… if you want to find explore professionally created social media video content for your brand then call us on 01905 670881 or email simon@gd-pr.co.uk