Why is an effective website so important for care providers?

I’m looking to buy a new kettle. For me, this is an important purchase because I love drinking tea.  The kettle is on a lot when I’m at home so I really don’t want to be disappointed with my choice. Some are too slow to boil or too noisy or even worse don’t keep the water hot for long enough.

So, as is often the case when I’m looking to make a new purchase or consider a new service I start researching and this usually starts online. There is so much information available at our fingertips now that so many of us use the World Wide Web as a valuable resource. What did we do before all of this information was available to us?

I’ll look for articles, reviews and product tests before deciding on a new kettle. I did the same when I bought a car, a washing machine, a house and when I looked for a nursery and then a school for my son.  I surround myself with information and then make my choice.

Families looking for care for their loved ones often start their research online as well. As a care provider your website really is your shop window and it needs to connect with your audience.

If I were looking for care for my loved one I’d look at providers’ websites first. What are the first impressions? What photos are on the website and do they tell the real story or are they glossy fake images? Who are the management team and how experienced are they? What does the CQC report say? What level of care do they provide? Are there any online reviews?

Of course this would only tell me part of the story but it is their story that I’d be looking for. I’d want to know how well my loved one would be cared for – wouldn’t we all want to know that? The providers that really tell their story would make it to my shortlist and then I’d start making phone calls to see if I could meet the care team and if it were a care home I’d want to visit.

The old adage that first impressions count is so very true, hence the way you present your product or service really does matter. Our clients who keep their websites updated and full of engaging content see real, tangible results – we track it through their Google Analytics and conversions so we know it works.

So if you’re proud of the service you offer, make sure you’re really telling your story for all of those people who will be looking for it online. Meanwhile, my search for the perfect kettle continues, but I have narrowed it down thanks to my research..!