A Stepping Stone to Success

My heart skipped a beat as the e-mail popped up on my screen, “you’ve been accepted.” I couldn’t believe I had finally secured a summer placement at GD PR & Media to live out my dream as a PR executive and finally get up close and personal with an industry that up until now, I had only admired from afar.

OK, so maybe that sounds a bit dramatic but after my first year at university as a mature student learning all about the field I was even more motivated and sure that this was for me.

After a string of unfulfilling jobs that left me well, empty, I knew I needed to embark on a change, and here it was.

My first day, suddenly panic struck! “What if I couldn’t do what was asked of me?”  Or worse still, “what if I hated the industry and my degree was all for nothing?”  Luckily my fear was quickly abated when I was met with warm welcoming smiles from the team and made to feel instantly at ease.

Putting theory into practice can be quite daunting and it's quite remarkable the amount of pressure you put on yourself when you really want something but with the support of the team, expert coaching, some constructive and positive feedback I found myself on a steep learning curve. Before I knew it, I was looking at my first published press release with pride.

I have learnt a lot since then and feel privileged to be getting a fully rounded education not only in PR and marketing but various sectors such as social care where I can see how relationships are established and maintained through the understanding and appreciation of the industry and keeping the customer’s needs at the heart of all they do.

One thing is certain, David and his team gave me a chance and because of that and my experience of working for GD PR & Media, not only now am I certain I am on the right degree but that I’m in the right industry and on the right career path for me.