Making the most of your PR agency

Appointing a PR agency is an exciting time. You’ve built up a rapport with the team, brainstormed campaign ideas and are on the way to showing off just how great your company or brand is. It’s all smooth sailing from here, right?

Here at GD PR & Media, we believe there are a number of things you need to take into consideration if you are to get the most out of your agency and use your time resourcefully. As much as you need us, we also need you and our relationship should be built on trust, respect and shared understanding.

We appreciate that you may not have worked with a PR agency before, so we thought we’d give you a heads up on a few things that will help us to help you…

Regular communication

The key to a successful client-PR agency relationship is communication. We can turn a sentence into a story, but we’re not magicians that can pull news out of a hat. To create content, we need updates on what you and your team are up to, where you’re going and how you’re doing it.

We recently had a story go international, hitting titles such as The Times, Metro UK, The Daily Mail, LadBible, and even Australian and American news titles. Why? All because one of our clients mentioned in passing that a 98-year-old mother had moved into a care home to look after her 80-year-old son. The story was a great example of why keeping your PR team in the loop can be so beneficial.

Trust us

We’ve built up a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who want to do best by your business. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and we ask that you trust our judgements and ideas.

The trust aspect comes back once more to the issue of communication and introducing us to your team, stakeholders and other partners. If you don’t trust your PR agency enough to divulge information that could benefit your company, then we might miss out on great opportunities.   

Be patient

If you buy a racehorse, would you expect it to win the Grand National two weeks later without putting in some training? It takes time, research and lots of digging through all aspects of your marketing strategy and company news to create a story worth telling to the world.

We need to get to know every aspect of your company, the people, the ethos and then we can advise on what you can do in your community or industry to create noise. PR is so much more than just coverage, it’s about building trust and developing long-lasting relationships with your audience. 

Plan in advance

We want to work with you to develop successful campaigns that place your company or brand firmly on the map.  We can pull out all the stops and are used to working to tight deadlines, but great ideas require planning.

Not only is it difficult to organise PR props and product launches in a matter of hours, but a great campaign might take weeks or even months to prepare for and lead into. Tell us about new launches or developments in good time and give us the opportunity to shout about the great work you’re doing in a way that best suits your objectives and needs. 

Be honest

We are friendly people with a flexible approach and we will always do our best to suit your needs. If anything changes in your company in terms of budget or requirements then just tell us.

If we’re not made aware of something then we can’t do anything to help. Keep us in the loop with all your positive and negative news and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.