Last minute comms tips for small retailers to help boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

It’s that time of year when Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us. There are tons of deals and shoppers out there, but it takes marketing magic to get more sales.

Here are a few tips to help you optimise your marketing efforts and streamline your operations for ultimate profitability this Black Friday and Cyber Monday #BFCM!

You may think having a web presence is enough to attract and retain visitors, but most websites don’t automatically make it onto Santa’s nice list. Ecommerce websites need to be optimised for search, performance and usability in order to reach and engage consumers.

Cyber Monday, traditionally seen as one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, recorded sales of £1.1bn last year. But if Google and other search engines don’t know your site exists, you’re missing out! Once people can find your site, you need to make sure you’re providing a great user experience to keep them there. New research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds. 

Have a look through this checklist to ensure your web efforts aren’t getting lost:

·       Can Google and other search engines properly index and crawl your site?

·       Is your site targeting the proper keywords for your target audience?

·       Is your site optimised for mobile devices?

·       Is your site easy to navigate and search through?

·       Are you using images to engage visitors?

·       Is your site integrated with social media platforms?

Social media campaigns may seem like an obvious marketing option, but social media is increasingly used by consumers to research, discover and purchase products online particularly during the festive period.

The true beauty of social promotions is that you don’t need a budget to establish a presence and gain an audience, although having a budget wouldn’t hurt. Here are some easy social activities to implement over the cyber weekend.

·       Determine the best social networks for your target audience

·       Keep sharing your branded content and products

·       Use dedicated hashtags

·       Try promoted posts

·       Use video content to promote products

·       Plan and schedule your posts

·       Build a sense of urgency – use time-related trigger words. “Don’t miss this”

With these last-minute strategies in place for the #BFCM weekend, you’ll be sure to boost sales and improve customer service.