What is the best TV Christmas special?

It’s a contentious issue in our office that gets debated in our office year after year…what is the best Christmas TV special???

Is Die Hard even a Christmas film??? A question for another day…

All very serious issues so here is GD PR & Media’s top Christmas telly must watch:


Gavin and Stacey

‘Hands down the best Christmas special of all time.  Why?  Christmas tunes, James Corden, top turkey tips from Mick, the hottest Christmas chef on TV, James Corden, a lost/forgotten elderly Mum who pops up from behind the bar, James Corden, fantastic gift ideas (individual Celebrations), James Cordon and of course, Neil – the baby!  We love, love, love this in our house.  Perfect Christmas viewing!



It has to be 'The Office' - a finale that had everything from toecurlingly cringeworthy moments to the happy ending that everyone wanted of Tim & Dawn finally kissing. TV at its finest.



Vicar of Dibley

No matter how many times I watch the Christmas Lunch Incident, it always makes me laugh. I think we can all relate to making too many commitments during the festive season when we're trying to visit as many loved ones as possible in the space of a day. We can also relate to the fullness that Geraldine feels after 3X3 Christmas meals, especially when the tripe comes out! 



The Alan Partridge Christmas Special "Knowing Me, Knowing Yule" is absolute gold;



(unfortunately the full episode is not on YouTube) It's such a brilliant parody of bad and cringe daytime TV chat shows. This was quite early in the incarnation of the character of Alan Partridge, who has since gone on to become a real cult character beloved by millions. This was a brilliant example of the early days of 'awkward' comedy.

Also the League of Gentlemen Christmas Special is worth a shout too;



Friends!!  Because who wouldn't find this funny! Ross trying so hard to impress his son and then Monika taking the piss! The bit where he can't bend down to get the presents...quality.



Only Fools and Horses

Simple, clean comedy and is just hilarious. Up there as one of the best comedy series. Faultless in everyway possible, a must for any Only Fools And Horses fan.