A look back at some of the video content we’ve created during 2018

It has been a busier year than ever for our video department during 2018. It has seen us diversify our video services even further, branching out into new areas of production such as construction time-lapse and also aerial drone footage alongside more conventional forms of video production.

With the continued rise of integrated video on websites and social media platforms only set to move in an upward trajectory in 2019, we’re going to look back across some of our favourite videos that we’ve made for a variety of clients during 2018. 

First up is a heartfelt project for our clients at Access Fertility. Access Fertility are a wonderful company that provide IVF services to patients struggling to conceive naturally. What is otherwise a very expensive route to take for patients, Access Fertility fix the cost of IVF treatment and offer a refund if patients are unsuccessful in having a baby. Ash and Juan who run the company approached us to create a series of case studies with families that have used the service. Case studies are a nice way to delve into more focussed content to portray some of the great work and outcomes that your service may provide.

We work very closely with one of our long-standing video clients, Fortis Living (a housing organisation based in Worcester), creating all sorts of different video content for them. We make a wide variety of different content for Fortis, including recruitment videos, documentaries to internal communications videos. One of these projects (which is still ongoing) involves documenting the build-span from the sky of one of the Fortis Housing Developments in Malvern with their building partners at Speller Metcalfe.

Expanding our services and expertise, using one of our fully licensed professional drone operators we are capturing the building site (set against the backdrop of Worcestershire’s own mini-mountain range, the Malvern Hills), through the various stages of the build development. We’ve currently shot two stages, and we will be continuing the project throughout 2019 until the development is complete. Aerial footage shot with a camera drone is a stunning addition to be able to provide for any video production project. What once cost thousands in helicopter hire is now vastly more affordable.

We were asked by one of the leading providers of residential care in the UK, Caring Homes Group to create a series of ‘Onboarding Videos’. This style of video is very popular at the moment, and we’re seeing more and more businesses asking for this type of video content. An Onboarding video is an internal video designed for new starters that have already accepted a job. We’re finding that they can be really effective in instilling an added sense of motivation in new starters as well as reassurance in what can be a nervous experience for anyone starting a new job.

This series of videos was a real pleasure to film as their homes are all in beautiful locations with stunning grounds. We really lucked out with the weather allowing us to incorporate lots of nice natural lens flare and warm tones in the colour grade. 

In addition to shooting a series of onboarding films, in a similar vein we also shot a series of  recruitment videos for our clients Outcomes First Group. Outcomes First Group provide expert residential and non-residential learning facilities for people living with a variety of disabilities. It was a privilege to see the valuable work that they do, and it was great to film with such enthusiastic and interesting staff and students.

Video is perfect for attracting potential new staff to fill vacancies that you may have. Video allows you to really convey the culture of your business to candidates.

Another project that we’ve been working on with our partners at Fortis Living is a long-term time-lapse shot of the building of their new offices in Worcester. This is one continuous sped up shot of the entire build process. The build time-scale is taking place over a number of months, so this involves mounting a specialist camera, locked off and taking one still photograph every 10 minutes for months on end. We then pull all the images together and it makes a time-lapse shot of the build sped up! This is also an ongoing project.

So here’s to a great 2018 and we look forward to working closely with our existing clients as well as some exciting new clients in 2019!