All you need to know about IGTV

If you like Instagramming as much as I do, then you may have noticed a TV screen flash up in the top right hand corner of your home page recently. This new addition to the social media app is called IGTV, with many noting its arrival as serious competition for Snapchat and in particular, YouTube.

We know by now that the younger generation, AKA Millennials, prefer visual marketing material as opposed to obvious advertising. They want a brand that they can really connect with and believe in. Instagram has an impressive 1 billion monthly users, with 59% of its audience being those aged between 18 to 29. Some 53% of those users also specified Instagram as being the best platform to tell them about new products.

The fact that there exists many ‘social media influencers’ out there speaks volumes. A product or brand in the right hands and seen by the right people can have a massive impact on how well a company or brand performs. Market yourself properly on Instagram and the world is your oyster as they say. You’ll be benefitting from free advertising and building a loyal following as you go.

The new IGTV platform finally allows brands to tell a story - to captivate audiences and want them leaving more. Would I for example visit YouTube just to check out a video on Thomas Cook’s top holiday destinations for summer 2018? No. Would I however sit clicking through the IGTV button on my phone whilst waiting for a train as a way of passing the time? Yes! That’s exactly where Instagram has hit the nail on the head. They have filtered out engaging videos depending on which accounts or people you follow most on Instagram (in my case travel) and targeted you with personalised advertising, hitting the right audience with their brand and leaving you wanting to find out more.

IGTV can host videos up to an hour long, all for free whilst enabling people to comment, like and really get immersed in your page. Although videos on Instagram’s normal feed usually perform better when they’re under 30 seconds long, the fast scrolling ability is minimised on IGTV, meaning people are more likely to stick around for two to three minutes. Unlike YouTube, IGTV is actually built for how you use your phone: vertically, meaning anyone can create an IGTV video easily.

The channel has also opened up a new opportunity for businesses and brands to take an interactive approach when it comes to inviting bloggers to sample their product. In fact, just the other day I watched a video of a food reviewer taking us on a video diary tour of his favourite restaurant in Rome, placing a new emphasis on how reviews of products and brands will be carried out in a few years’ time as we move away from traditional print media.

Whilst it’s too soon to say what impact IGTV will have on the likes of YouTube and Snapchat, it’s clear to see that the platform presents a fantastic opportunity for brands and companies to really come to life for their audience and get their messaging across. 

Some tips for creating an IGTV video:

·      Create enticing vertical videos with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

·      Ensure that your content is on-brand with your Instagram tone, company and the messaging you want to get across.

·      Make the majority of your IGTV videos between two and three minutes long.