Is It Time To Embrace These Marketing Trends?

We live in a world that is constantly evolving with different trends, algorithm updates and new technologies. These transformations can completely revolutionise how you attract your audiences and it’s this ever-changing marketing landscape that can make it hard to keep up with the latest in marketing.  

So, as we progress towards the end of 2019, we decided it’s time to take a look at the year’s latest trends and provide a rundown of everything you should be looking to incorporate into your strategy.

Multi-platform video strategy

The value of video has increased massively over the past couple of years, with 83% of marketers stating that it has delivered a very good return on investment.

Its increase in popularity could be down to its increased accessibility. Where it used to be expensive, today’s costs are less intimidating, even more so once you consider the value it delivers. And, with the vast improvement in smartphone cameras, you can even film footage and edit it yourself.

SEO enhancements for mobile

Since there is a 31.35% click-through rate for the top-ranking result on Google search, you’ll be missing out on key traffic and potential leads if you don’t ensure your site is positioned high on the search engine results pages.

To do this, it’s worth bearing in mind that Google favours sites with good loading speeds, SEO friendly content and, most importantly, are mobile optimised. And, with 40% of people exclusively using mobile to search, it’s imperative that every page is accessible to mobile users.

 So, to ensure you enhance your SEO, find yourself a responsive design that can quickly adapt its layout depending on what device your audience is using.

Chatbot automation

To keep your customers and service users happy, you need to provide quick and accessible customer service. But, day-to-day, other tasks can easily get in the way, preventing quick responses. Luckily, chatbots are a simple solution that is easy to implement.  

Using artificial intelligence, chatbots can talk to your clientele for you. They look like a simple messaging system and can respond to queries in a conversational tone, even developing personalised responses.

Not only can bots massively reduce your workload if you’re taking care of service queries but they can also offer further marketing benefits. Depending on the purpose of your chatbot and how you use it, you can utilise the technology to contact customers and notify them of offers, new products or more general news, making them a more personalised and direct version of your email campaigns.

Social Media User

Optimise your social media content

It’s estimated that 2.82 billion people are on social media. And, with so many platforms available, it’s now vital that you target them appropriately to see good engagement rates on your content. 

Unfortunately, social networking isn’t ‘one size fits all’. For example, on Twitter, you need short content that packs a punch but on Instagram, it’s all about gorgeous imagery and hashtags. Even within the platforms themselves, there are different types of content, particularly with the short-term content of Facebook Stories.

So, how can you ensure every post is optimised for your audience and the network in question?

In terms of the short-term content for the likes of Instagram and Facebook Stories, you can ensure you receive good engagement levels by creating more playful imagery. You can utilise plenty of colour, gifs, text and interactive elements such as quizzes and polls. There’s a lot of free-reign, so aim for something more informal that your target audience will be attracted to.  

For more permanent posts, it’s all about the timing. With most social media platforms, users are more active on weekdays where people are giving themselves a break by scrolling through their feeds. Rush hour is also a great time to target commuters.

Additionally, imagery is important. With it being the main attraction point for scrollers and photos remaining a prominent feature on profiles, ensure you have top-quality photography and graphics that you’d be proud to showcase.  

With so many different ways to interact with your audience, you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing strategy implementation. Just remember that it is quality over quantity, so before implementing them all, pick one strategy and optimise its capabilities before expanding.

Or, if it all sounds like too much work, our expert marketing team can give you a hand - just give us a call.