Extra funding for social care announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Budget statement

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond announced today in his Spring Budget statement that an additional grant funding of £2bn would be given to social care in England over the next 3 years.

Describing the care system as ‘under pressure,’ Hammond revealed that the first billion would be available in 2017/18 and would help to ensure that people receive the social care support they need whilst reducing pressure on the NHS.

It will also invest a further £425 million to improve local NHS services and support Accident and Emergency improvement.  

The Government also promised to set out proposals in a green paper, which will be published later this year, to ease the strain on social care providers and put the system on a more secure and sustainable long term strategy.

Hammond was firm in his stance that the green paper would not include ‘exhuming Labour’s death tax,' (a proposal put forward before the 2010 election for a 10% levy on estates to fund social care.)

Declaring the Government as ‘the party of the NHS,’ the Chancellor also announced funding of £100m to help with accident and emergency waiting times, with the money set to be spent on English hospitals in time for next winter.

Stating that ‘just 24 local authorities are responsible for half of all delayed discharges,’ Hammond announced plans to ensure ‘more joined-up working.’

The speech was met with criticism by Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who slated the plans as ‘utter complacency,’ and accused the Chancellor of ‘not understanding the problems of the public.’