Access Fertility launch groundbreaking unlimited IVF programme

Access Fertility have launched a new unlimited IVF programme with the aim of making the whole process more accessible.  It’s also been designed to give people the best opportunity to conceive whilst reducing the huge amount of stress that many people feel.

The company have been running a refund programme for the past five years that involves patients paying for IVF treatment but if it isn’t successful, they get their money refunded.

The success of this has led them to becoming the only company in the UK to offer a new unlimited IVF programme allowing as many IVF cycles that are needed over a two-year period and a 100% refund of the fee if the patient is unsuccessful and doesn’t have a baby.

Ash Carroll-Miller

Ash Carroll-Miller

Ash Carroll-Miller is the CEO and Founder of Access Fertility and believes that IVF should be fair and open to as many people as possible and thinks that their new programme goes a long way towards achieving that:

‘We wanted to help patients to access the amount of treatment they need by lowering the financial risk associated with IVF. We offer patients a greater variety of choice when it comes to starting IVF.

Pay-as-you-go IVF can be expensive and create uncertainty for patients. We want to make the process as simple and secure as we possibly can. By offering unlimited treatment for two years with a 100% refund, the patient knows exactly where they stand. They have access to as much treatment as they need and if it’s unsuccessful, the refund means they haven’t lost their money.’

Access Fertility’s innovative programmes typically cost around 30% less than traditional pay as you go IVF for the same treatment and the new unlimited IVF programme will mean that patients make a significant saving.

Fair access to fertility has been dominating the news recently, with treatment on the NHS becoming harder and harder to obtain.  As a result, more people are turning to private companies to help them with their dream of becoming parents.  Access Fertility has recently seen the 1000th baby born through their programme and to date has refunded over £3 million pounds to people who were unable to have a baby.

‘Our patients like the certainty that comes with our refund programmes.’  Mr Carroll-Miller commented. ‘Our programmes remove the huge financial uncertainty that can turn IVF into a high-risk choice.  Our patients can start treatment safe in the knowledge they will either have a baby or get their fee refunded. They will not end up in a situation where they have spent their life savings on unsuccessful treatment.’

Gary and Melanie Bidwell had twin boys earlier this year using the Access Fertility refund programme. They had previously been unsuccessful with IVF attempts on the NHS, they told us:

‘We decided to use Access Fertility because we didn’t want to be getting stressed out about the money, worrying that each cycle is costing lots of money and what if it didn’t work? We knew we had three cycles in the bank, if you like, and it meant we could concentrate on getting pregnant and trying to enjoy it all.  The Doctors tell you that stress plays a massive factor when trying for a baby and doing it this way took a lot of the usual IVF worries away.’

Director of Operations for Access Fertility, Juan Leahy says that while the IVF industry works very well in the most part, there are flaws when it comes to how people are paying for the highly skilled service that they are receiving:

‘A combination of austerity and an aging population has put the NHS under pressure like never before. Despite NICE guidelines the NHS has been reducing IVF provision all over the country. As a result, more and more patients are looking for private treatment and face opaque, complex pricing structures with uncertain outcomes. Many take loans, use life savings or re-mortgage their homes to start treatment, all with no guarantee of success. IVF is uncertain and high cost. We want to make it more affordable, simpler and transparent.’