Facebook - Video ranking changes

Facebook has announced a number of ranking updates that will come into action over the next couple of months relating to video content. These are worth bearing in mind when you are considering your next video content project.

In a news update published on its website recently, Facebook said “we want to help people on Facebook discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them.”

The changes are as follows:

1.     Loyalty and intent

More weight and influence will be added to videos that people seek out and return to week after week.

2.     Video and viewing duration 

The team at Facebook want videos posted that will capture viewers’ attention for at least one minute. They have now said they will add more weight in ranking to videos that do this, particularly those that are at least three minutes long.

3.     Originality

The platform is keen to limit the distribution of unoriginal and repurposed content that people have shared from other sources. They will be limiting and even demoting video content from pages using this type of content, to further encourage the development of original content.

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