Press Office

As your Press Office, we would act as the link between you and the media. We would work with local, regional, national and international newspapers, magazines, online and broadcast media in the following ways to proactively manage your media profile:

  • Writing and issuing press releases on newsworthy activity across your organisation. This includes working with you to generate ideas for potential stories of interest.

  • Publicising major developments / events and coordinating media coverage for events.

  • Coordinating and advising on responses to media enquiries about your organisation.

  • Coordinating / supervising media visits by reporters or photographers.

  • Pre-empting and managing potential ‘bad news’ to ensure your organisation gets its messages across to the media in the most effective way.

  • Delivering media training for key spokespeople who are likely to be asked to speak to the media as required.

To find out more about our Press Office services, call us on 01905 670881 or email