Do I have to come up with the idea for my video?

Most people who get in touch with us have some idea of the type of video content they are looking for, or at least the purpose of the video content. If this is the case, we can help you to refine your idea. If you don't know what you're looking for, we can talk you through the process and help you to develop some ideas that will work with your budget and for your audience, including providing you with some style examples for you to consider.

How can I keep the cost of my production down?

The cost of any production will depend on the complexity of the filming and post production required. That being said, the best way to keep control of costs and get the most from your production is to plan it effectively. We can guide you on what is possible in a day of filming and what will be required in the edit suite to achieve a certain style or effect.

Is animation a cheaper option than live action?

Graphic animation can sometimes be a more cost effective alternative to live action (filmed) content, but there are costs involved such as graphic design of assets and voiceover, so the difference in cost is often negligible. We always recommend choosing the format that will most closely match your brand, company values and is going to resonate with your target audience - it is these things that will make your production most valuable in the end!

How many times can I change the video?

We provide two rounds of amendments within the cost of our productions. This is normally enough as you will make the majority based on the first draft, before refining last small changes on the second round. We always recommend running the first draft by whoever needs to sign it off, otherwise you can get into multiple rounds of changes, which will add to the cost.

When do I pay for my video?

We will provide you with a full quote based on your brief and filming availability. Once you have agreed to go ahead, we will ask you to pay a 25% deposit to secure your selected filming dates. Upon delivery of the final edit, we will invoice you for the remaining 75% balance, which will be payable on receipt.

What format will the final video be delivered in?

We can provide your final video in a variety of formats, but normally deliver it in mp4 or .mov formats, which are the most effective for upload to websites and social media. If you require hard copy DVDs, we can arrange this at an additional cost.

Can I get a discount if I want to make more than one video?

Absolutely. We love working with clients on multiple projects. We are a flexible company and will always accommodate discounts on this basis. We also work on a retained basis for a number of our clients, meaning we are available to produce video content month on month for them as their businesses require.