Behind the scenes

Our Visit Worcestershire AdSmart shoot

With fast cars, hot tubs and vineyards, this Visit Worcestershire shoot certainly made for a fun couple of days!

We shot two versions of this AdSmart from Sky advert across two days as well as a host of social media content, all of which will go live in the summer of 2023 – in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of our production team in action behind the scenes.

Our doggy calendar shoot

The old saying is ‘never work with animals or children’ but when our PR team proposed a charity doggy calendar for Colwall Park Hotel, the content team were queuing up to spend the day capturing cute shots of the doggy models!

The calendar was a huge success and raised hundreds of pounds for Worcester Animal Rescue Shelter, but it also provided some lovely  content for our own channels, as you can see in this behind the scenes video.

Our 10th anniversary party

November 2021 saw Conteur tick past ten years in business and we had to celebrate in style!

We invited dozens of our clients, friends and family to join us at Bolero bar in Worcester for an evening of fantastic food, (a few too many) drinks and fun. The hangovers were nearly as hefty as the bar bill, but it was a fitting occasion to celebrate and thank everyone that has contributed to making Conteur what it is today.

Here is a quick overview of the event for those that couldn’t make it…

Our AdSmart for Sky event

In 2022, we started a partnership with AdSmart from Sky and are proud to be one of their preferred production partners.

As part of this partnership, we hosted a collaborative event with their regional team at Worcestershire County Cricket Club, where we showcased the innovative advertising platform to dozens of local businesses.

Here is a short overview of the event, including some stunning drone shots of one of the most picturesque county cricket clubs in England.

Bloopers reel

Just in case you were under any illusion that we are better than anyone else in front of the camera, here is some proof that we stutter, stumble and swear just as much as everyone else when the camera is on us..!