Tech products - Making your voice heard

So you’ve put in the months (or years) of work in developing, testing and refining your tech product and are ready to take it to market, but what next? How can you make your voice heard in such a crowded market? Relying on the product to just ‘sell itself’ is a risky proposition and one that rarely yields meaningful positive results.

With new products and services being launched every day, companies continue to need PR as a platform to give themselves a voice, but it’s also creating a lot of competition. As a result, it is now more important than ever to stand out from the crowd through having something important and relevant to say.

In working with leading technology providers, we know that right now technology PR and communications is less about direct corporate messaging and more about crafting an interesting, relevant and insightful story for key audiences.  

As PR professionals, this is one of our biggest challenges; the art of balancing our clients’ expectations and what they think is important and interesting about their product, with meeting a publication’s need for a brilliant, ground-breaking story. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure that the stories we develop and pitch are of interest to their specific industry, whilst sticking closely to our client’s key messages. Alongside this, we are well-honed in integrating the work we’re doing on a PR front to ensure it integrates with the rest of the marketing function and the business operations to ensure maximum gain from the PR efforts. 

We often find our role in working with tech companies is to get under the skin of the business and its products and explore the potential for storytelling, whether that be around the company itself, its founders, its product’s game-changing ability or even its consumers. Whatever the story is, our job is to find it, craft and develop it, then find the best platform(s) to tell it that’s going to resonate with the people we need it to. 

Some key tactics we use in this process is to be proactive with content creation from the start, keeping our finger on the news agenda and having clarity in our thoughts and strategy when it comes to best platforms and best media formats, whether that be written thought leadership pieces or video case studies. We do have an advantage over many people here, in that our integrated offering means we have access to expertly written articles, thought-provoking social media content and powerful, engaging video content, all without leaving our offices. 

This is really the key when it comes to tech products or software – it’s not about the product itself, it’s about the story you craft and how you are able to convey to the end user the impact that it’s going to make to their working or personal life. A classic (and much-lauded) example of this is Apple’s ‘Think Different’ slogan (see video opposite) which intimated over the course of five years that by using Apple, you put yourself in the same sphere as the greatest leaders, innovators and pioneers on the planet. Such was the power of this message and story, that the fact that the product was so beautifully designed actually became a by-product to what people felt it would enable them to achieve.

Your tech product may not quite be as good as Apple’s (yet…) but the good news is that with a blank canvas in front of you, the story you craft to promote it could well be!