Place Partnership

The Client

Place Partnership is the first company of its kind in the UK. It is a new, private company that is wholly owned by six public partners. The company manages over 1,400 land and property assets across four counties with the intention of delivering innovative, profitable property services and significant savings to its shareholders. Developed from the One Public Estate programme, the establishment of Place Partnership has been sponsored by the Cabinet Office in recognition of its capacity to create a step change in the way a public sector property portfolio can be managed.

What did they want?

The Senior Management team recognised the important role that effective communications would play in gaining a foothold in such a competitive sector. They were looking for a company that could act as a complete communications team and work closely with them to deliver quickly against key objectives. 

What have we done?

We worked closely with the Senior Management team to develop a comprehensive and cohesive communications strategy in line with the company's wider business plan. This strategy incorporated both internal and external communications and focused on quickly developing a profile for the company across relevant property and local government trade press, whilst engaging and informing key stakeholders of company progress and development.


Six months in, the relationship with Place Partnership is blossoming and alongside a successful roll out of the company's business plan, high-profile coverage has already been achieved across key publications such as the MJ, the Local Government Chronicle and Property Week.