Surrey Choices

The Client

Surrey Choices is a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) wholly owned by Surrey County Council. The company began trading in August 2014 and serves people with learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairments, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, older people, those with dementia and those who have become lonely and excluded from society.

What did they want?

One of the company’s key services is their Personal Assistance service, which provides support to people with disabilities looking for Personal Assistants (PAs) to enhance their lives, both at home and in the community.

The service had been running for just over a year and Surrey Choices wanted to run a campaign that would attract people to the idea of working as a Personal Assistant in a number of specific geographical areas across the county.

What did we do?

We worked closely with the managers of the PA service to identify the challenges they faced in engaging people, the key messages they wanted to deliver and the type of people they wanted to attract into the roles.

In line with this discussion, we developed a range of ideas based upon educating people and challenging some of the common misconceptions around the role of a PA through creating a number of short ‘mythbuster’ animations for social media, which were designed to appeal to their target demographic.

Alongside the animations, we developed real-life case studies that were distributed through the local media and designed a number of abstract social media images that could be used in carefully targeted, paid for facebook adverts. We also periodically created organic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, which were liked and shared with the company’s existing followers. Press releases were also issued to local media outlets.


In just one week, over 60 applications were received from people looking to become Personal Assistants, with many of the applications proving strong, which was testament to the tight messaging and careful targeting used across the campaign. Despite the budget attached to this campaign being very modest compared to the cost of other recruitment methods, this was a much higher number of applicants than the company’s previous job posts through more traditional recruitment platforms.