CASE STUDY - Promoting Churchfields Care Home’s new Eco-Garden

 The Client

Jane, and her husband Gerry, own and manage Rosebank Care Home and Churchfields Care Home, both set in West Oxfordshire. Since acquiring Rosebank in 2008, and most recently Churchfields in 2016, their ethos has been to provide outstanding long and short-term care for residents.

What did they want?

Following feedback from residents, Jane and the care team at Churchfields were eager to improve their extensive garden and encourage birds and wildlife to the home. They designed and implemented an eco-garden, incorporating over 1,500 types of plants and flowers to create a meadow and prairie area, featuring paths, accessible garden beds, birdboxes, feeders and hedgehog homes.

Churchfields eco garden

As the PR team for the care home, we were tasked with ways to promote and celebrate the eco garden, with the ultimate aim of generating brand awareness and media coverage in the local area.

What did we do?

Firstly, we conducted a photo shoot and spent time with residents who were highly engaged with the project, so that we were able to understand how this has impacted them personally.

Wanting to involve Churchfield’s local MP, who was already engaged with the home, we suggested a celebration event that enabled guests to view the garden and chat to residents and staff about how it has improved the home.

We handled all liaison with the MPs office and once a date was set, we also invited the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, who was delighted to attend. The home was then able to gather interest from resident’s family and friends.

Our existing relationships with local media enabled us to build up interest prior to the event, and we were able to target press accordingly. We also secured local TV news, That’s Oxfordshire to attend the event.


As well as organising the attendance of the MP and a stakeholder for the event, we secured pre event press for Churchfields Care Home in local and regional newspapers, as well as post event coverage and a TV news production. The story was also covered in social care trade press.

In addition, the links made with Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust has led to potential future partnership work and ideas for further garden improvements.