Conteur’s Top Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Since the Pandemic, BLM and #StopAAPIHate movements have brought with them huge social change. The last years have even included devastating climate disruptions and some huge global political changes. This has had an impact on all aspects of live including graphic design trends in 2022

In the business world, these events have changed the way we communicate with our audience forever. There has been a visible move to understanding the need to become intentionally inclusive. Brands must also back up statements with facts and statistics after a world of ‘Fake News’. With this in mind Conteur has collated a few graphic design trends that we predict we will see a lot of in 2022.

graphic design trends - inclusivity
Top Graphic Design Trends - Data Visualisation
Be bold - bright backgrounds attract attention on busy feeds.
Quote your content on social media and give your audience a teaser of what to expect whether its a blog, podcast or video

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