Just a few of the ways we support LATCs


Collaboration is key to the success of any LATC and we are experienced in actively liaising with public sector communications teams on your behalf to ensure joined up communications that will resonate with all key stakeholders and audiences.


The digital world provides many opportunities for communication. We can guide you through developing an effective strategy, as well as producing varied content to support your key organisational and communication objectives.


Engaging with the media and moving out of the shadow of your public sector partners can be tricky for LATCs. We will help you to develop your key messages, find your voice and make yourself heard across the local and national media.

Many Local Authority Trading Companies (LATCs) or Joint Ventures (JVs) are supported by in-house communications teams early in their development, but at some stage this resource is likely to be withdrawn and it is prudent to consider alternative support well before you may actually need it.

By doing this, you will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy towards your communications that can encompass the development phase, the transition phase and the wider external promotion phase.

With a carefully developed mix of public and private sector experience, we are perfectly placed to help local and national government organisations develop a commercial approach towards their communications. We provide full communications support for a number of high profile LATCs, often working closely in partnership with their parent Local Authorities for successful collaboration.

David Huckerby - Director, Conteur

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