Make an Impact with SoLoMo

The top strategies that currently have the most impact in Digital Marketing are social media marketing, location-based marketing and mobile advertising. Combine those three strategies together and you develop an even more powerful marketing strategy. We call this SoLoMo.

What is SoLoMo?

SoLoMo stands for (social, local and mobile) is the convergence of collaborative, location-based and on-the-go technologies. The term is primarily used in marketing. SoLoMo applications allows advertisers to push notifications to potential customers who are geographically near by.

Socially Charged

Different forms of social media play a huge role in the buyers’ journey, in fact now over 70% of people will buy a product based on recommendations by someone in their social network. Instead of looking to a brand as the main source of information, it is more common for people to look at third party resources before making a purchase. Customers read or write reviews and share personal experiences of your brand through social media.

The Power of Local

Most people buy services and products from businesses within 20 miles of their home. So, you need to be visible. While word of mouth is still a useful tool, getting your business into local directories is key. In fact, getting involved in as many sites as possible, from social networks to smaller industry specific review sites will grow your businesses online presence and reach in the general public’s eye.

Get Mobile

Advertising comes in many forms and whether its PPC or SEO, connecting with your customers and prospects is the focus. Promotional SMS messages and loyalty points for members along with many other forms of Mobile Marketing are key to staying relevant to a consumer and building engagement and loyalty.

A successful SoLoMo strategy can increase business by transforming consumer behaviours. Helping customers feel connected to a brand, means engagement with the brand increases. This can often lead to them becoming loyal brand advocates who offer feedback and help identify issues that the brand can improve upon. Consumers and businesses benefit from this spirit of collaboration and this can lead to innovation.

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