Three marketing trends to embrace in 2022

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends. Something we as PR experts know all too well but did you know there are three marketing trends that top brands are embracing this year? 

Keeping on top of the latest marketing trends will help place your business ahead of your competitors, and who doesn’t want that? Embracing at least one of these trends in your strategy will result in some significant progress in your overall engagement and sales in no time.

Brand ambassadors

The first marketing trend, which you may be familiar with, is brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are either a celebrity or influencer that are used as a face for the company. You might be thinking, how does this differ from influencer marketing?

An ambassador tends to be someone who really values the company and the products that they sell. They tend to only become ambassadors for a company that reflects their values and beliefs. They also tend to have a long-standing relationship with the brand, instead of a one off paid collaboration.

Having brand ambassadors will not only make your company more recognisable and trustworthy amongst your target audience but also increase your overall brand awareness. Ambassadors can create positivity around your brand – through word of mouth and really humanise your company.

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Augmented reality (AR)

The demand for digital platforms has significantly increased in recent years which has hugely improved the customer/brand relationship.

Companies have begun exploring new ways to engage customers through immersive technology and experiences. Since 2020 alone, brands using AR are seeing a nearly 20% increase in overall engagement, with some giant brands such as Coca Cola and Spotify joining up to collaborate in an AR campaign. 

Brands are able to adapt their AR experiences to create unique experiences for their customers. AR offers great marketing opportunities for companies. Using this in your strategy could help reach new customers and generate a buzz around your product or services. 

It doesn’t have to be that complex! Your AR experience could be as simple as introducing a QR code to your business cards, allowing potential customers to easily search your services and/or products.


Podcasts are a series of digital episodes surrounding any specific theme or topic. They are digitally programmed episodes that are highly influential for many brands. Podcasts have become highly effective in influencing potential customers to buy certain products and services. A recent survey revealed that out of 30 thousand podcast listeners, 63% confirmed that they had bought the products mentioned in the episodes. Podcasts have the ability to reach a wider target audience when used strategically, increasing the overall brand visibility and trust. 

One way you could do this is to invite certain guests onto your own podcast. Whether this is a user of your service or product, or someone with expert insight or knowledge in your industry or niche.

If you are struggling to come up with creative marketing ideas, podcasts will give you the freedom you are looking for. They can be as unique as you want them to be!

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